Say goodbye to the body fat

This program sends food calories right into the muscle, burning fat around your waist. What is a key word? It’s all about tactics. You have to combine exercise and your nutrition. If you improve your nutrition you will succeed to maximize your muscles. In this way you will use in the best possible way your work out, your muscles will start to grow thanks to taking proteins with your proper diet.

fitness-summer--aGet ready for summer.

Imagine that you could control what your body does with the food you eat, in this way you will use calories to build muscle instead of shiny flaccid stomach. And in doing so, you will use the energy that you get the burning of deposited fats. Your “love handles” will melt until your biceps pump.

Although it is sometimes hard to believe in anything simply because it sounds too good, this program represents the latest development, based on a new study by a US university, and their leading scientists. This diet will help you to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle, and thus perform a perfect body.


To understand this diet program you need to familiarize yourself with glycogen Рcarbohydrate that is stored in the muscles and liver. In contrast to the fat depots, which are extended in your organism with a glycogen carbohydrate in restricted capacity…If you keep eating that exceeded limit and you enter too many carbohydrates they are will be shed into the bloodstream, the liver and converted to fat. Entering carbohydrates also causes an increase in insulin levels, and the moment when your glycogen tanks full, and insulin puts your muscles and fat cells in the growth phase. It is great for your biceps, but bad for your waistline. The good news is that the low level of glycogen Рthat can be achieved this way of nutrition Рchange the response of your body to insulin, so that it only signals the muscles to grow. Your snacks go directly into the muscles and the body has to turn to its own fat for fuel. You pressed the cell switch so that you burn fat while building muscle Рand this diet gives you absolute control over everything.

Say goodbye to stubborn body fat! Simple easy tips for fans!


4f441a54c6e0a.imageNutritionists are constantly talking about “good” and “bad” carbohydrates, but here their total amount and timing is essential. Enter them at the wrong time – with full glycogen depots – and you begin to deposit fat. Eat when you need to and these same carbohydrates to build muscles. Using this concept, three distinctive time zones (see “Your body, your plan”) create feeding programs, with numerous options for the construction of the body. Start with a Plan A for 4 weeks and then use the table to see which the best next step is for you.


Training is the main component of this program. Three or four days a week with programs for the whole body, combined with the diet by time zones, will build more muscle, ignite your metabolism and further reduce the level of glycogen. There is wide range of fitness franchise opportunities to start-up your own business and and the same time stay in good form.

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